UPS – Uniterruptable Power Supply

Our UPS is manufactured to provide invariable power to your computerized system from a protective carrying case.  It filters and maintains supply voltage at a constant 120V while automatically switching to battery backup during a power outage/surge or drop out.

Meant to provide consistent and uninterruptable power supply to Computerized Torque Unit

Product Description

  • Includes Uninterruptable Power Supply & 10’ UPS Power Cable
  • Keeps 120V Supply to Torque Computer
  • Filters and Maintains Supply Voltage at a Constant 120V
  • Automatically Switches to Battery Backup During Power Outage/Surge or Drop Out

AC Input Capacity on Battery 625VA
AC Input Voltage 120V +/- 25%
AC Input Frequency 50 OR 60 Hz +/- 10% (auto sensing)
Output Voltage on Battery Simulated sine wave at 120 V +/- 5%
AC Output Voltage Sine wave at 120V +/- 10%
AC Output Frequency 50 OR 60 Hz +/- 1%
AC Output Voltage Regulation AVR auto increase output voltage 15% while nominal -9% to -25% utility voltage; AVR auto decrease voltage 13% while nominal +9% to 25% utility voltage
AC Output Transfer 2/4 milliseconds, including detection time
Protection Spike 480 Joules, 2ms
Protection Overload UPS automatic shutdown if overload exceeds 110% nominal at 60 sec and 130% at 3 sec
Protection 10 BaseT Network (UTP, RJ-45) compatible jacks
Protection Short Protection UPS output cut off immediately or input circuit break protection
Battery Type Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid batteries with 3-6 years typical lifetime
Battery Typical 6 hours (to 90% of full capacity)
Battery Protection Auto discharge protection
Battery Run Time 25-35 minutes
Alarm Battery Backup Slow beeping sound @ .47 Hz
Alarm Battery Low Rapid beeping sound @ 1.82 Hz
Alarm Overload Continuous beeping sond
Interface RS-232 Detect battery low; Schedule UPS on/off, Display AC input/output power status
Environment Ambient 3500 meters max, elevation, 0-95% humidity non-condensing, 0⁰-40⁰ C
Environment Audible < 40 DbA 1 meter from surface

  • UPS
  • 10’ UPS Cables

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