TS – Pressure Testing

Includes Computerized Torque Control System

Includes 5000 PSI Pressure Transducer (1/4” NPT Male Fitting) & 50’ Cable

The computer software is set up to test individual connections or do a final pressure test at the end of a casing job.

This pressure testing system tests the integrity of the connections being put together.

It monitors a starting pressure and an end pressure and determines if the pressure loss over a specified length of time.

Perfect for Leak Testing in FRAC and Gas Field Applications

Product Description

  • Live graphing of pressure test
  • Can pressure test each individual joint connection
  • Records and stores all pressure test data
  • Customizable Pressure Test Length
  • Customizable Optimal Pressure Region

Equipped with all TS – Core hardware and features, the TS – Pressure Testing System allows users to individually monitor and record and test each joint connection at the click of a button. Users can also set pressure test length and optimal pressure region.
The TS – Pressure Testing System is the complete package for those who need an all-in-one system that can seamlessly control, monitor and record torque and pressure data.

Hydrostatic testing has been used in the oilfield for well over 50 years. It is a full joint test that is capable of detecting a variety of flaws and leaks. When employed above Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP), hydrostatic testing is an excellent indication of pipe integrity. Unlike other technologies, hydro-testing is able to locate defects in the upset, collars, and threads. Performing this test as pipe is run into the hole is especially useful because the connections are verified as they will be during production. For example, if the well servicing crew happens to over/under torque a connection, the resulting leak is easily identified by the hydrostatic operator. The most obvious limitation of hydrostatic testing is its “pass or fail” nature. If it were known that a section of pipe barely passed the hydrostatic test, it would make sense to remove it from the production string. Lacking that capability, it is advantageous to find a complementary method to determine long term sustainability.

  • Control Unit/Computer
  • 10’ Power Cable
  • 50’ Main Cable
  • Junction Box
  • TC10K – Tension Load Cell
  • 6’ Load Cell Cable x2
  • Rotation Counter Module (Magnetic Gear Tooth Counter)
  • 5’ Rotation Counter Cable
  • Dump Valve Assembly (Or components to plumb tong)
  • 15’ Dump Valve Cable (4’ if Tongs are plumbed with valve)
  • Spare Cartridge (For Dump Valve)
  • Spare Coil (For Dump Valve Cable)
  • Remote Display (With magnetic mount)
  • 50’ Remote Display Cable
  • 50′ Power Extension Cable
  • 400W Power Inverter (For running computer from truck power)
  • 720 Case (Large) x2


  • 5000 PSI Pressure Transducer (1/4” NPT Male Fitting)
  • 50’ Pressure Transducer Cable

TS – Core $31900
TS – Remote Monitor $37900
TS – Pressure Testing $39500

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