Remote Monitor

Included standard in the TS-Remote Monitor computerized system, the Remote Monitor is a durable, weather proof display capable of showing real-time torque, turns, RPM and graph information when connected to a TS – Remote Monitor Control Unit. The Remote Monitor is typically mounted directly to the derrick leg and features a ‘Manual Dump’ button for the manual dumping of 8 – round casing along with multiple viewing modes for customizable monitoring.

Features & Benefits:

  • View Real-Time Graph
  • Can be mounted to derrick Leg
  • Convenient and beneficial for Thread Inspectors
  • Works in All Weather Conditions
  • Monitor Acts as a Secondary Display to Control Unit
  • Live View of Makeup Graph, Torque, Turns and RPM
  • Features Manual Dump Button for the Manual Dumping of 8-Round Casing
  • Creates Dump Point in Joint List
  • Multiple viewing screens to customize graphs and gauges

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