Hardware Kit

The Hardware Kit comes included with all Computerized Systems but can also be sold separately as a back-up/spare part inventory in the event of a damaged hardware component. The standard hardware kit includes a junction box, TC10K – Tension Load Cell, Rotation Counter Module and mounting plate, Remote Display (with magnetic mount), Spare Cartridge, Cartridge Wrench and Coil (for Dump Valve), 400W Power Inverter (for running computer from truck power) and a storage case with protective foam insert.


Product Description

  • Used as spare parts kit
  • Comes included with Computerized Systems

Hardware Kit Dimensions

  • Junction Box
  • TC10-K Tension Load Cell
  • Rotation Counter Module & Mounting Plate
  • Remote Display & Magnetic Mount
  • Dump Valve Cartridge & Wrench
  • Dump Valve Coil
  • 400W Power Inverter
  • Storage Case 720 Large (Yellow)

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