DTS – Peak

The Digital Torque System (Peak) includes all DTS – Basic features as well as giving the user the ability to display the last highest torque value. It can also store the torque value of each completed joint into memory which can be uploaded to a computer by USB connection.

Device can be set to turn on a bright LED to alert users that optimum torque has been met.  A second LED will alert users if joint has been over-torqued.

Software (Free Download) and USB Cable are included to allow the user to view and access job data.  The software also allows users to easily setup and program the Digital Torque Indicator.

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Product Description

  • All DTS – Basic Features
  • Joints stored in Internal Memory
  • Software for Downloading and Accessing Job Data and Indicator Programming/Setup
  • Optimum Torque and Over Torque LED Indicators

The displays come with a 1-Inch industrial LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which is viewable in direct sunlight. The display also features a high brightness fiber optic backlight assembly for viewing in poor lighting conditions. All of the internal electronics are housed in an IP67 Rated aluminum enclosure. All military spec connectors are used and mounting is done by either the supplied mounting plate or magnetic mounts.

The Digital Torque Gauges are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that is capable of running the unit continuously for over 24 Hours. If the battery is running low, a power supply is available that can plug directly into rig power and the 50 foot cord can be routed out to the tong to plug in the digital gauge. The systems come with a 12volt mobile charger that can plug into the vehicle power source while traveling to charge the unit.

  • Digital Torque Indicator (Peak)
  • Magnet and Back Plate mounting supplied
  • TC10K or CC10K Load Cell
  • 6 Foot Load Cell Cable (2)
  • 1 Amp 12Volt  AC Charger
  • Mobile Charger
  • 720 Storage Case (Large)


  • 10 ‘USB Programming Cable

DTS – Basic $3750
DTS – Peak $4950
DTS – Dumping $7750
4TS – Touch Screen $9575

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