DTS – Basic

The Digital Torque System (Basic) uses a Digital Torque Indicator (Basic) to replace analog or hydraulic gauges typically used on power-tongs or top-drives. Although the initial costs for digital units are higher, the fewer maintenance costs and improved accuracy and reliability outweigh the costs. With the use of high accuracy strain gauge load cells, the systems become lighter and faster and much more accurate. By utilizing industrial electronics, the effects of temperature are negligible.

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Product Description

One of the main features of the Digital Torque System (Basic) is the ability to adjust the handle length or lever length, unlike the older hydraulic systems where the handle length is factory set and cannot be changed. This eliminates having to carry multiple hydraulic gauges for each tong.

This item can be upgraded to:

  • DTS – Peak
  • DTS – Dumping
  • 4TS – Touch Screen

  • Can be mounted directly to the tong or to the derrick leg to view live torque.
  • Comes with adjustable handle length feature
  • Direct replacement to the older hydraulic gauges
  • Works with both tension and compression load cells
  • Temperature effects negligible

The displays come with a 1-Inch industrial LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which is viewable in direct sunlight. The display also features a high brightness fiber optic backlight assembly for viewing in poor lighting conditions. All of the internal electronics are housed in an IP67 Rated aluminum enclosure. All military spec connectors are used and mounting is done by either the supplied mounting plate or magnetic mounts.

The Digital Torque Gauges are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that is capable of running the unit continuously for over 24 Hours. If the battery is running low, a power supply is available that can plug directly into rig power and the 50 foot cord can be routed out to the tong to plug in the digital gauge. The systems come with a 12volt mobile charger that can plug into the vehicle power source while travelling to charge the unit.

  • Digital Torque Indicator (With Rechargeable battery)
  • Magnet and Back Plate mounting supplied
  • TC10K Load Cell
  • 6’  Load Cell Cable (2)
  • 1A -12V AC Charger
  • Mobile Charger
  • Storage Case

DTS – Basic $3750
DTS – Peak $4950
DTS – Dumping $7750
4TS – Touch Screen $9575

Digital Torque System
Sampling Frequency (SPS) 300
ADC 24-Bit (16,777,216 counts)
Measurement Accuracy (%) ± 0.002%
Measurement Accuracy @ 40000 ft/lb max output ± 1 ft-lbs
Electronic Response Time (ns) 1 nS
Hydraulic Response Time (ms) 10 -35 mS
Final Torque Average = Optimum Torque ± 1%
Operating Temperature =”-40 to 50⁰C (-40 to 122⁰F)”
Torque Accuracy < 1%
Turns Accuracy ± 1 pulse of turn counter
Enclosure Stainless Steel
Enclosure Rating IP67

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