4TS – Touch Screen

The 4TS – Touch Screen includes all DTS – Basic, Peak and Dumping System capabilities. It comes pre-loaded with custom software that displays torque, turns and RPM on a user-friendly touch screen interface. With multiple navigation and operating screens, tasks like adding joint notes or setting up a job are made straightforward and simple.

The unit is battery operated and can run for 36 hours continuous while dumping hydraulic pressure to the tongs over 400 times all on a single charge.

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Product Description

  • Can be mounted directly to the tong or to the derrick leg to view live torque.
  • User Friendly Customized Software
  • Displays Torques, Turns and RPM on a 4” Touch Screen
  • Unit Can run continuous for 36 hours and Dump Hydraulic Valve Over 400 Times on a Single Charge
  • Easily Navigable Operating Screens
  • Optimum Torque and Over Torque LED Indicators
  • Pre-settable Dump Point
  • Includes Full Dump-Valve Assembly
  • Can Automatically Dump Hydraulic Pressure to Power Tongs when optimum torque has been reached
  • Direct replacement to the older hydraulic gauges
  • Works with both tension and compression load cells
  • Temperature effects negligible
  • Joints stored in Internal Memory
  • Software for Downloading and Accessing Job Data and Indicator Programming/Setup
  • Programmable handle length

Next Generation ARM Micro running @ 168 MHz

Resistive touch screen, no need to remove gloves

Long lasting Lithium Batteries approx. 40 hour run-time

Large Internal storage allows data from several jobs to be stored before requiring download

No drivers or software required to download stored data (unit is viewed as a mass storage device under windows vista, 7, 8)

Data Stored as .csv for quick loading into Excel or other spreadsheet applications

Ability to store quick notes to associated joint logs

A/D speed 1000 Hz

A/D resolution 24 bits

ARM Cortex-M4 168 MHz 32 bit MCU

2 GB data storage – Enough for years of data, up-gradable if necessary

  • Digital Torque Indicator (With Rechargeable battery)
  • Magnet and Back Plate mounting supplied
  • TC10K or CC10K Load Cell
  • 6 Foot Load Cell Cable (2)
  • 1 Amp 12Volt  AC Charger
  • Mobile Charger
  • Storage Case


  • 4” Touch Screen Torque Indicator (With Rechargeable battery)
  • Magnetic or Back Plate mounting supplied
  • Internal Rechargeable battery capable of dumping tongs up to 250 times on a charge
  • 15 Foot Dump Valve Cable (4 Foot if Tongs are plumbed with valve)
  • 50 Foot 19V Power Supply & Cable with waterproof plug

DTS – Basic $3750
DTS – Peak $4950
DTS – Dumping $7750
4TS – Touch Screen $9575

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