Data Integrity


Do you know why I pulled you over, son?

Imagine if every time you exceeded the speed limit or rolled through a stop sign that information was automatically uploaded to the police. You might consider changing your driving habits.

Now imagine if every over-torqued joint you decided to put in the ground was automatically viewable by the oil company.

Some may find this concept a little disconcerting, but we think it’s exactly what the industry needs to increase profits by reducing costly mistakes. Live Cloud Access exists to connect those who know they’re doing the job right for oil companies that won’t settle for anything less.


We get .PDF reports at the end of every job, aren’t those good enough?

Editing a .PDF report is not only easy; it is for some individuals, standard procedure. There is no real way to “catch” or prevent someone from editing a .PDF report, so there is no way to fully “trust” those reports. That used to be the case anyway, now there’s Live Cloud Access which gives you direct access to raw data that can never be altered or changed.


Full Transparency

Don’t be that weird guy that goes swimming with his T-shirt on, it’s time to face reality and get in shape. Covering up mistakes in this industry will leave you paying far more than the money saved cutting corners.

The goal isn’t to “police” an industry; the goal is to reduce costly mistakes that can easily be avoided. Transparency quickly creates trust between companies and is a key catalyst in generating higher quality work within companies.


The Bullet Points

  • All data is backed up seamlessly and automatically as it is created even with poor or intermittent internet connection
  • System can run completely offline if there is a connection issue
  • All jobs are viewable, real-time, from anywhere in the world
  • All settings, users and presets are usable on any system
  • Customer admin can define and create user access and accounts
  • All user actions logged and tracked
  • Data highly secured
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Ability to share specific job data with 3rd party, real-time
  • View live jobs, old jobs or any job you have been granted access to
  • All program features available with proper access level
  • Upload certified (un-editable) tally sheets
  • Users can use powerful tools within the software to analyze graph data
  • Available for all computerized systems
  • Accessible on any computer running Windows (XP,7,8) and Alltorque Software (Free Online Download)
  • Can pre-load tally sheets before job even starts— automatically merging tally sheet with incoming torque data
  • All actions and data recorded with user ID and timestamp


I can do what you say?

So you’ve got that one guy or gal who’s seen it all, done it all and if you had it your way would be running computers on every casing job from now till they suck the last drop of black gold from the earth. As valuable as that individual is, they can only be at one place at one time and you have a dozen jobs on the go.

Live Cloud Access gives your prized asset the ability to review graph data, monitor multiple jobs real-time, offer in program troubleshooting advice to co-workers, view job progress and even comment on joint notes for any job. He can do all of this from home, the office or even in-the-field on a live drill; anywhere with an internet connection.

So why settle for a mere man or woman when you can have a cyborg?


How do I know my Data is Secure?

By design, Live Cloud Access allows the customer to have complete control over the program’s accessibility. As a customer you choose who has access and what level of access they have. All data is kept secure, confidential and managed by the customer. The only way someone can gain access to the Live Cloud is to know a legitimate username, password and unique log in credentials. As long as your user accounts are kept secure and private by the users that access them, the system will be secure.

The admin can set up access levels for each account and close accounts that are no longer in use at the click of a button. So when it’s time to let that “special” someone go, you can put the icing on the cake by locking them out of their Alltorque Account as well; double whammy.

User access can be limited to specific companies; meaning Casing Company “X” does work for Oil Companies “A, B, C and D”. “X” gives access to company “A”, but limits the access to “view only” and to jobs done for Oil Company “A”.


Peace of Mind

Is the data backed up?

Live Cloud Access secures data through a tiered system of backups. The full power of our back-up system exists when an internet connection is present, but the strength and consistency of the connection is near insignificant.

Imagine the following scenario: With a donut in one hand and a coffee in the other, your safety supervisor hovers over your control unit pretending to know how to analyze graph data. Just as a joint is completed, his sticky fingers spill coffee all over your computer. You immediately turn it off to avoid possible damage whilst trying to dodge half eaten fragments of donuts propelled by an inundation of apologies.

Not wanting to risk firing up your caffeine infused computer, you grab your back-up unit from the truck. Thanks to the cloud you’ll be able to continue precisely where you left off and the last piece of data that came in will be there along with everything else.