Do you know why I pulled you over, son?

Imagine if every time you exceeded the speed limit or rolled through a stop sign that information was automatically uploaded to the police. You might consider changing your driving habits.

Now imagine if every over-torqued joint you decided to put in the ground was automatically viewable by the oil company.

Some may find this concept a little disconcerting, but we think it’s exactly what the industry needs to increase profits by reducing costly mistakes. Live Cloud Access exists to connect those who know they’re doing the job right for oil companies that won’t settle for anything less.

We get .PDF reports at the end of every job, aren’t those good enough?

Editing a .PDF report is not only easy; it is for some individuals, standard procedure. There is no real way to “catch” or prevent someone from editing a .PDF report, so there is no way to fully “trust” those reports. That used to be the case anyway, now there’s Live Cloud Access which gives you direct access to raw data that can never be altered or changed.

Full Transparency

Don’t be that weird guy that goes swimming with his T-shirt on, it’s time to face reality and get in shape. Covering up mistakes in this industry will leave you paying far more than the money saved cutting corners.

The goal isn’t to “police” an industry; the goal is to reduce costly mistakes that can easily be avoided. Transparency quickly creates trust between companies and is a key catalyst in generating higher quality work within companies.